What if you could have peace of mind, knowing that you're doing the right thing for you and your baby?

Pumping moms do double-duty every day. You breastfeed and bottle feed. You worry about supply and using formula correctly. You cut your favorite foods out of your diet and clean your pump parts every night. You have the comfort of knowing exactly how many ounces your baby ate today and still provide breast milk.

You get the best and the worst of both worlds. 


So, what would it look like to feel

  • Confident in your choices instead of anxious?

  • Validated in your decision to pump, instead of guilty?

  • Seen and heard in your struggles and your accomplishments, instead of isolated and alone?

Don't you deserve to be supported by someone who not only has been through this unique experience, but can give you the tools to help you thrive?


Get Just the Support You Need

Taking Care of Mama is  compassionate health and wellness counseling on all things postpartum,  tailored to the needs of breastfeeding and pumping moms. So you can feel your best while giving your baby what's best.

Don't you

    deserve to

     feel your best

while giving your baby

     what's best? 

Just imagine:

counseling, support, resources, and more


  when you need it most




Newborns change everyday. Weekly  coaching  helps you roll with the punches, whatever comes your way


Avoid wasting your time in the google wormhole..


 Resources specific to your situation sent right to your inbox, keeping you one step ahead of the game.


Everything from  how to avoid mastitis to how to talk to your nanny about feeding breast milk 

Meet Sandy

As a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), Postpartum Doula (CAPPA), and Health Coach (ACE), Sandy uses her personal experience and professional expertise to help moms all over the world have successful and positive postpartum and pumping experiences.

Sandy was inspired to do this work after exclusively pumping for her son. She was surprised by how difficult it was to find a  professional who had a deep understanding of the particular needs of new moms who are also pumping. Sandy's goal is to fill that gap and ensure that all breastfeeding moms have positive experiences and find the support they need.

“Sandy was very knowledge on this important topic. I really enjoyed the session and left with more confidence on moving forward with pumping once I go back to work.”

— Andrea