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Taking Care of Mama

Professional, individualized coaching and support on pumping

from a mom who’s been there.

Get Just the Advice You Need

I offer expert breastfeeding advice for groups and you can pump with confidence and ease.

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No two Exclusive Pumping journeys (and consults!) look the same. Whether your concerns are about decreasing pump sessions, bottle feeding, dealing with supply issues, clogs/mastitis, or weaning - this is for you.


Here's what you'll get (exact topics will be based on your individual needs):

  • A personalized strategy to meet YOUR goals. We'll discuss how often and how long to pump (based on your specific situation), make sure you're using the right flange size, and talk about ways to make pumping more comfortable.

  • If you've got an oversupply - a plan for storing and using frozen milk before it expires.

  • If you've got supply concerns - a plan to work on your output to meet your baby's needs (this may include supplementing, donor milk, or different methods to increase supply).

  • No one wants to feel tied to the pump all day long. You'll get an overview of the different techniques and tools available to make pumping easier and less disruptive to your everyday life. We'll then work together to determine the options that best fit your lifestyle. This may include incorporating different types of pumps, methods for 'wall-free' pumping, and/or ways of storing milk on the go.

  • Follow up via email or text for 2 weeks following the session to tweak as necessary.

  • A written care-plan summarizing our conversation and your personalized strategy.

“Sandy was very knowledge on this important topic. I really enjoyed the session and left with more confidence on moving forward with pumping once I go back to work.”

— Andrea

Meet Sandy

As a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and a Postpartum Doula, Sandy uses her personal experience and professional expertise to help moms all over the world have successful and positive pumping experiences.

Sandy was inspired to do this work after exclusively pumping for her son. She was surprised by how difficult it was to find a lactation professional who had a deep understanding of the particular needs of pumping moms. Sandy's goal is to fill that gap and ensure that all breastfeeding moms have positive experiences and find the support they need.