• Sandy Green


Last week was supposed to be a big week for me. I had been planning the first week of November for months - my official business launch and my first week working part-time at my ‘office job’. After my trip to Israel in October, I had fallen off the wake-up early, healthy eating and exercise daily wagon and this was going to be my week to jump back into everything. It was a fresh start.

But instead, I woke up on the Thursday before with a sore throat. I ignored it and went about my day. On Friday morning, my throat felt worse and my voice was a little froggy. My nose started to feel a little stuffed. I continued to ignore it and went about my day. By Saturday though, I had to give in and admit that I had a cold. I felt pretty awful and now had a hacking cough to go along with my other symptoms. We cancelled our babysitter for Saturday night and I didn’t leave the house the entire weekend. Jared was amazing (as always) and took care of Avi. He took him out for a few hours each day to give me some space, he made all of the meals, and made sure I was getting my rest. I felt like I was doing everything right and was sure that by Monday, I’d be fine.

And then the fever came. I’ll just leave it at that because believe me, you don’t need the rest of the details. Suffice it to say that I got myself to the doctor who prescribed me a bunch of medications, including powerful antibiotics and an inhaler. He told me to stay away from people, especially kids and seniors and that the most important thing for me was rest. Not that I could have done much else at that point; I was down for the count. And my important, exciting week had disappeared.

Needless to say, there was no waking up early last week. No healthy eating (unless you consider a diet consisting of just chicken soup and broth healthy). There was certainly no exercise. My head was pounding so badly that I couldn't even look at my computer screen, let alone get actual work done. My little Avi, the person who can make literally any situation feel better, was not allowed anywhere near me. I understood why. But I was so incredibly bummed.

But thankfully, the meds kicked in. The bed-rest worked and by Friday, I was feeling much better. And Monday was the start of a whole new week. A new clean slate and a new chance to start again. I’m so excited to have quality and quantity time to work on Taking Care of Mama. It feels so much more REAL now as I’ve started to respond to inquiries, write new workshops (stay tuned for one on Postpartum Nutrition), and network with other professionals in my new field.

Even my blog will get a bit of a makeover. I’ll still be writing about my own experiences and reflections as a mom; I promise that won’t change. But in addition, I hope to add content that will be useful and relevant to an even larger audience. So that’s where you come in. As I jump in head first, I have a favor to ask of you - what information, in addition to my personal reflections would be interesting to you? What kind of topics would you be likely to share with others? If you have a moment, please click on the link below and let me know. I promise it’ll take less than a minute. Thanks in advance!