• Sandy Green


Last week, I wrote about my complicated relationship with my post-baby body. I know that I'm supposed to look in the mirror with pride. THIS BODY CREATED A HUMAN BEING! An actual human being - with a brain and heart and lungs. A human being with a personality and likes and dislikes. This body grew Avi from a single cell, carried him, bore him safely into this world and provides all of the nutrition that he needs. This body is miraculous.

And yet...I have a closet full of my favorite clothes that still don't fit me. I look in the mirror and see pouches and rolls. A too-round belly that, only 8 months ago, I wore clothing to actually accentuate. Even writing these words, it feels shallow. But there it is.

And so, in honor of this love-hate relationship, and because sometimes we just have to laugh at ourselves, I decided to capture my feelings in a series of Haikus. (Side note - this exercise in whimsy was inspired by one of my favorite authors and podcasters, Gretchen Rubin).

A Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry defined by the amount of syllables in each of its 3 lines. For example:

First, five syllables

Then, there's seven syllables

Last, we're back at five

See what I did there?

Enjoy and feel free to add your own in the comments or on the Facebook page!

Eight months post-partum

A closet full of old clothes

Still, nothing fits well

Fancy yoga pants

Pretend they're dressy for work

Keep calling my name

Rocks in the morning

Deflated in afternoon

Breastfeeding boobies 

Arms are on fire

From holding this darn car seat

This counts as the gym?

I made a human

Belly, my badge of honor

Still, need looser shirts