• Sandy Green


I’m excited, nervous, happy, anxious and ALL the feelings as I announce that I am making a MAJOR career switch into the field of support, empowerment, and advocacy for new mothers! Introducing...Taking Care of Mama!

For those who follow my blog regularly, or who have spent significant time with me over the last few months, this may not come as a huge surprise. As my good friend Paula said, “When you came back from maternity leave, you weren’t any less passionate or committed to our work, but I could see the spark in your eye was different. I could see that you were feeling torn.” And that’s exactly what it was. Having Avi changed everything and ignited in me a new passion. And so, after over 15 years in Jewish Nonprofit (a field that has fueled my soul for as long as I can remember) I am taking the leap into a brand new challenge and opportunity.

But I’ll back up. Here’s how it all came about and a little information on what I’ll be doing.

Actual photo from that day in the park. Notice the bra unhooked, the spit stains and the defeated mama

When Avi was born, we lived in an apartment in Montclair, NJ. It was a nice sized apartment, but still an apartment. When Avi was about three weeks old, we hired someone to help clean the apartment. It was a great relief to not have to worry about cleaning but it came with a problem. I needed to get Avi and me out of the house. We headed to a local park for what would become a pivotal afternoon for me. As soon as we got there, Avi was hungry. This led to my first experience nursing outside of the house, in public, alone. As you might guess, it didn’t go super well. Avi both spit up all over me and then pooped through his diaper in the middle of the feeding. I was desperately trying to to keep myself covered, clean myself off, and change Avi’s diaper on a park bench, all at the same time. I remember looking across the park and seeing a group of women and strollers sitting together and having a great time. I burst into tears feeling alone, unsure, like an complete failure. Those moms looked at ease and happy. That had each other.

It was about two weeks later that I found the breastfeeding support group that changed everything for me. I became a part of a beautiful and supportive community, led by a postpartum doula and lactation consultant. She was changing mothers’ lives and was a true inspiration. I started dipping my toe in the water - starting with my blog. I wrote for about 2 months before I felt comfortable enough to publish, but once I did, I was amazed at the response. I was hitting on something that moms of all stages could relate to. Friends from high school, colleagues, my sorority - people I hadn’t heard from in years - started to reach out. Moms started to come to me for questions on pumping and continuing nursing after maternity leave. I realized there was a need and developed my pumping workshop, Pump Like a Pro. From there, a real business started to materialize.

So what am I doing and with whom?

I provide one-on-one support, guidance, and empowerment to new mothers. I help couples and single parents transition to family units. I help siblings connect and bond with their new brother or sister. I guide and encourage new mom’s emotional and physical health and well-being. I empower those who wish to return to work (and help with the logistics and planning) I do it without judgement, shame, or guilt.

I work with all different types of moms. But we all have a few things in common - we love our babies and want to be good mothers. We are looking for confidence and support. We want to feel empowered. We want to feel healthy and strong so that we are less fatigued, overwhelmed and stretched by the demands of being a new mom. And we understand (or WANT to understand) the difference between selfishness and self-care.

You may have noticed that my blog has a new home. I welcome you to take a look around at the new website. Check out what Taking Care of Mama can offer. Send it to your girlfriend who’s 8-months pregnant, your daughter who is nervous about going back to work, or your sister who can’t seem to get back into a healthy lifestyle because she feels too much guilt to take time for herself. And let’s change the standard of care for new moms. Because self-care is never selfish!

Click here for Taking Care of Mama!