• Sandy Green


Wednesday, Feb. 21. 6am. My phone buzzes. It's a text from Sarah, our nanny. "We have a family emergency. I'm so sorry, but I won't be able to watch Avi today." My heart drops. Today, I have to work from 8am - 9:30pm. Jared has to be in Philadelphia all day. I call my parents and find out that my dad has the flu.

I immediately jump into super-mom mode. There's only one solution: Avi has to come to work with me. I pack his diaper bag, and start putting bottles together. I take out a cooler and fill it with pureed carrots, yogurt, oatmeal, and applesauce. I throw some toys and the pack n' play into my car. I put my gym bag away; I won't be using it. Avi wakes up and I give him a bottle and get him dressed. We wake up Jared and let him know what's going on. We decide on a plan: I'll take Avi for most of the day and around 4:30pm, Jared will pick him up so I can run my evening meeting.

I get to the office around 7:50am. Perfectly timed so that I can give Avi his breakfast and put him down for a nap in the pack n' play (now set up in my office) all before my 8:30am conference call. And holy cow, it works. I had brought the monitor with me so I can take my call from another office. He goes down without much of a fight and I'm able to participate on the call without an interruption.

After my call, I hit my next challenge of the day. I need to pump but Avi is still asleep in my dark

office. But there was literally no where else that I could go. I quietly sneak into my office and silently set up my pump by the light of my iphone flashlight. About halfway through my pump, he wakes up so I turn on the light and sing to him while he hangs out.

While he's awake, I'm able to get a bit done. I have another conference call and I'm able to participate while my boss and I pass Avi back and forth. I sit him on a play mat next to my desk and he occupies himself for about 20 minutes with various toys. We go out for a lunch run, during which he manages to spill my iced coffee all over himself (good thing I brought extra clothes!) I feed him his yogurt and carrots and got ready to put him down for another nap; hoping this one will be as successful as his first nap. I have another conference call and this one is about budgets. I need to pay attention. But the day has just been too exciting for Avi and he refuses to go down. I desperately throw him in his stroller, put my headphone on and take him out to the car. He falls asleep as soon as we start driving, but now I'm without my computer and my notes. I decide that I should be able to get him back to my office and transfer him to the pack n' play without waking him up...WRONG. He wakes up, cranky as ever after only 30 minutes of sleeping and I sort o frantically finish the call. I'm completely overwhelmed and at that point, it's 3:30pm and I realize it's time to give up on work. I pump again (spilling about an ounce as I try to juggle everything), Avi and I play, I take him around the office to meet everyone, and I count down the minutes until Jared gets there.

Jared does finally arrive and he takes Avi home. I sit at my desk and take a deep breath. I work for about an hour until it's time to leave for my meeting. I can't tell if I feel like super woman or a chicken without a head. I feel like I failed as a professional and a mother and I also feel like I was a complete success as a professional and a mother. I get home around 10pm. Avi is sleeping, Jared is waiting for me on the couch. He tells me that Sarah is fine and will be back tomorrow. I pass out, sleeping harder than I have in a long time.