• Sandy Green


Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Someone once told me that the hardest part of being a working mom is dealing with the childcare. I have to agree. Avi just started at a new preschool and Jared and I are in the process of figuring out what childcare will look like for Baby Girl (due in 4 weeks!). For two working parents, it's super stressful.

I'll start with Avi. If the definition of parenting success is remembering to take those first and last day of school pictures, then I have not been doing such a great job.

Technically, Avi started daycare last year. It was an emotional time for all of us, since he had been home with a nanny (who we adored) before that. But it never occurred to me to take one of those pictures. And I didn't take one on the last day either.

This year, he's in a legit preschool, not a daycare, and it definitely feels different. I promised myself I would remember to take one of those pictures this time!

Guess what? I forgot. Luckily, his school had these printouts for parents just me like who just aren't great with the little details like taking pictures of their kids

But of course, I forgot to post on social media. So did it even really happen?

Now onto Baby Girl. There are just so many options and our first choice is a live in au pair. We have a few friends who have gone that route and it seems like the best option for us. But we're nervous about having someone live in our home with us. Especially since we both work from home. We could hire a nanny, but we're worried that this time around, we won't be able to get enough hours to make it work. And while I know that many babies go to daycare from an early age, we would really like one-on-one care for the first year

As we figure this out, I'll definitely include more updates. I know this is something a LOT of parents struggle with. If you're a working mom, tell me, what's worked for you?