• Sandy Green


I had a really bad morning yesterday. I was doing too much at once and accidentally deleted my last blog post. The one on self-care and pumping! It's not an understatement to say I was devastated. Like, crying at my desk devastated. I pour my heart and soul into these posts. I don't actually spend days planning and writing - when I feel inspired by something in particular, I just sit down and let it all spill out. The end result is that it reflects a very specific moment in time for me. And for that reason, when I sat down to rewrite the post; I just couldn't do it.

So what did I do? Well, first, I cursed a lot. F-bombs all over the place. Then I called Wix customer support and yelled at them for not having any way to retrieve accidentally deleted items. Then I doubled down on my *real work* and crossed about 20 things off my to-do list. Then I took my lunch break and went for a run. And now, with my head finally clear, I’m writing. Writing about something that makes me utterly and completely happy - my little boy. (and you better believe I’m drafting this somewhere other than Wix!)

Avi is going to be 9 months this weekend. When I think about newborn Avi, I can barely believe how far we’ve come. I sometimes have trouble using the same nicknames because he doesn’t seem like the same person. During the last few months in particular, I would say months, 6-9, Avi has flourished. It feels like every day, he’s doing something new. And we’re having so much FUN. I always knew that I would love Avi unconditionally. But I had no idea how much fun I would have with him.

So, for no other reason than these make me smile, here are some of my favorite moments from the last few months:

(In order left to right)

1. Bath-time fun 2. Cuddles with Sophie the Giraffe 3. Avi's in a box

4. Morning greetings 5. Introducing solid foods 6. Avi moves to the big-boy stroller

7. Shabbat mornings 8. Learning to hold his own bottle 9. Mommy/Avi special morning time

10. A rare occurrence these days: Avi falls asleep in my arms 11. First day of spring 12. Avi pulls himself up for the first time

13. First time in a shopping cart 14. Field trip to MommyCon 15. First hike of the season

16. Hilarious, even at 4:30am 17. Again, Avi in a box